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Hello and welcome!

You can work with me in several ways, depending, mostly, on what you want to achieve as well as your pocket size.

1-1 personal coaching, choose from 6 or 10 session packages 

This is perfect for you if you have a specific problem you want to address.  Here we meet online for 90 minutes at a time and get to the root of the problem before then putting steps in place to a tailored solution that works for you.  

We will be using my D.E.C.I.D.E  framework:
 1. Deep dive into understanding the problem and its root cause  
2.  Exploring belief systems, coping mechanism and emotional blockages  
3. Connect to values and unconscious drivers  4. Identify preferred reality and possibilities  5. Determine steps and actions to take  
6. Evaluate and put in place accountability measures and next steps  

 *  In this approach we set very clear goals for the coaching ahead and each session will bring with it new clarity and tools to use once you get back out there.

Group coaching

Join the group to go through a year long personal transformation that is deep, profound and filled with wins. Enjoy the tight circle of like minded people and discover the reasons the Universe placed you with them!

Group coaching  follows a 12 months course that allows individuals to work both alone and with the group and accountability buddies.

Each month is dedicated to a different topic, some of them are:

- Stepping outside your comfort zone
- Recognising our negative self talk and its gifts
- Understanding stress, anxiety and fears
- Values based living
- Getting over toxic relationships
- Finding your empowered core

The topics are agreed on within the group

Group coaching open for enrolment 3 times a year:  January, May and September

Online courses, with or without coaching

Choose either one online course or a bundle of 3, 6 or 10, and decide whether to have them with or without a coaching session that will help you take the course and your learning to the next level.

The courses are self paced and self guided, meaning they are made of lessons you go through in your own time and in your own progress.

Each course has lessons given by video, written articles, quizzes, audio recording and more, so that you are covered regardless of your learning style.

At the end of each course you receive a certificate that celebrates the completion of the course and going through the learning experience!

The courses are easy to follow and broken down to many small steps, ensuring you are able to go through as many or as little as suits you in one go.

Want to find out more? Let's talk!

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It's all about your individual needs and the results you want for yourself