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Hello and welcome!

You can work with me in several ways, depending, mostly, on what you want to achieve as well as your pocket size.

1-1 personal coaching, choose from 6, 10 or 15 session packages 

This is perfect for you if you are fed up with life as they are right now.
You've probably tried a variety of options already, but deep down know you were looking for something else..

My way of coaching is very different from other coaching you may have had because
 my coaching approach is very much 'heart-based'.

I guide you through your own tailored transformation that include recognising where you are operating from fears and compromises and how you can change this around by operating from your strengths and powers.

I believe you are unique and totally amazing, and if you are feeling tired and fed up right now, it is a sign you are ready to let your old way of being go and find your own true path! (With me by your side!)

Energy Healing

I am Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner.

The Body Code is a way for us to identify and release imbalances that cause physical and emotional discomfort.

This is a type of energy healing that is incredibly powerful and is such because every trapped emotion or imbalance we release, allows our  body to get back its innate ability to heal itself.

The Body Code helps us make a real differences in areas that even modern medicine fails, because it looks at the body as a whole, and doesn't focus on the symptoms only.

Areas we can work on with the Emotion and Body Code include (and are not limited to):
- anything physical
- anything emotional
- anything mental
- anything spiritual

To book:

Emotion and Body Code options

Online courses, with or without coaching

Take a look at the tab titled 'courses' to see the full ranges of courses I offer.

Each course is based on my coaching approach and is designed in a way to help you gain the wisdom you would through coaching, but in your own pace and in a fraction of the price.

Each course has lessons given by video, written articles, quizzes, audio recording and more, so that you are covered regardless of your learning style.

At the end of each course you receive a certificate that celebrates the completion of the course and going through the learning experience!

The courses are easy to follow and broken down to small steps, ensuring you are able to go through as many or as little as suit you in one go.

Want to know more? Let's talk!

Why not book a free half hour chat with me? We'll talk a little about what is happening in your life right now, and together decide if we want to work together, and on what basis. No obligation, just connection!