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Taming your teenager, and other myths They say only 7% of our communication is down to the words we use. The other 93% are to do with non verbal communication styles such as body language, facial expressions, tonality, volume and energy (amongst others).


'Why the more control you seek, the less control you have' - published June 2020 "Ever found yourself in a head to head battle with your kids? When you tell them they must do something, they pretend they can't hear you and you asked yourself, for the 100th time - what went wrong? What am I saying? Of course you have! That's parenthood and we've all been there. But I want to tell you of a different approach and a few questions you can ask yourself, that will allow you to take a step backwards from all the frustration and start leading a life of calm. It starts with asking yourself how many of your daily head to heads are really important to you? What make these 'important'? What will happen if you don't get that thing for which you fight for? What scares you when you ask your kids to do something and they don’t? What would it all mean about you?...."


QUITTING is almost always seen as a negative word synonymous with failure. But when it’s a draining relationship or a miserable flatshare, saying sayonara is sometimes the most positive way forward.

In today’s interview we spoke to einav avni, a life coach helping people to transform their lives by connecting to their values, strengths and by guiding them to recognise how they can show up to life in a way that empowers them and connects them to their purpose. Einav taught me how far we stray from our true selves by listening to our negative voice and allowing it to prevent us from following our dreams and calling. She specialises in taking people on a journey that allows them to identify limiting beliefs, and instances where they allow paralysing fears and external influences to decide how they lead their lives. Einav talks about the unconscious mind, attachments and suffering. She brings neuroscience evidences to explain about habits and how our belief systems can often work against us. She works with people on overcoming anxiety, create meaningful relationships, be in a career they love and work on their personal development.


On Wednesday, December 5th, Einav Avni from London, was recognised by British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold CBE, for her success as a female entrepreneur, and awarded with a prestigious #WOW badge.
Einav was one of three winners selected by Jacqueline after she entered ‘Women on Wednesday’ – a competition launched by Jacqueline in 2011 to celebrate the growing number of UK female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.
Women on Wednesday (#WOW) takes place every week and is run through Jacqueline’s Twitter page.
When selecting the winners, Jacqueline looks for businesses that are interesting, that have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry.
She looks for quality products and services, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who demonstrate good business acumen and who have spotted a gap in the market that meets the consumer’s needs. Einav says: “when you’re feeling stuck, lost, unable to make decisions or generally in a never ending loop of dread, this is a good indication you are not operating from your core values. It’s like you’ve lost your compass and now everything is foreign.
Together we discover your values and work on bringing change into your life - one that is empowered by your true purpose, strengths and calling” Jacqueline Gold says: “Untangled Coaching helps people overcome challenges and pain in their lives, providing the support and skills needed to assist them in their personal struggles.
  Einav’s own experience of becoming more connected with people shows how everyone is capable of growing and transforming into better versions of themselves and it makes her the perfect person to help others on their own journeys.
I wish her every success in the future.
For me, #WOW is all about inspiring and celebrating female entrepreneurs. My vision is for women in the UK to come together, celebrate their strengths, skills and fantastic businesses, and do all that they can to inspire other women to realise their potential.
The WOW community is a fantastic network which offers female entrepreneurs the opportunity to share advice, support each other, trade and most importantly celebrate their successes!”
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