The Emotion and Body Code

The Body Code is a way for us to identify and release imbalances that cause physical and emotional discomfort. It is a type of energy healing that is incredibly powerful and is such because every trapped emotion or imbalance we release, allows our body to get back its innate ability to heal itself. The Body Code helps us make a real differences in areas that even modern medicine fails, because it looks at the body as a whole, and doesn't focus on the symptoms only. Areas we can work on with the Emotion and Body Code include: - Chronic issues - Anxiety or depressions - Infertilities - Allergies - Addictions - Sleep issues - Phobias - Physical pain - and many more

Body Code 'topics'  ⬇️

Chronic Pain

Anxiety & Depression

Allergies & Phobia

Kids & Animals

Whether you know the source of your pain or not, we will use the Emotion Code and the Body Code to find out all the trapped emotions and associated imbalances that are contributing to the pain being present.
Each and every  gland and organ are capable of both generating and trapping emotions, so identifying and releasing what is blocking your energy body is going to result in relief, easiness of symptoms and pain and sometime, complete reversal of the condition, as appropriate per case basis

Depression, anxiety, stress, overthinking, over-worrying and more, are energies, and as such, can become trapped in our bodies.
The first thing to do is to find out whether you have a Heart Wall (mostl people have a heart wall). A heart wall is your body way's of protecting you when it feels you are too fragile to go through life unprotected. Although this helps you go through life, you also tend to feel like you are operating from behind a wall... When we release the wall, you feel more connected, energised, lighter and with a renewed zest for life

Allergies are an incorrect association our subconscious mind makes with a substance. It can be physical  or an idea based, but the result is an allergy. When we find what the allergy is for, we can break the connection and help your subconscious mind see that you did not need protecting after all.
Phobias are an extreme reaction to an idea and once again, by identifying and releasing the negative energy, your body is able to get back it's balance, energy flow and ability to heal you as it always were able to, before the confusion / events took place 

Because the Body Code is a non-invasive energy healing, it can be done on children as well as animals.
Their subconscious mind knows to direct us to anything that needs clearing, in the same way as adults do. 

Disclaimer: As part of the sessions I identify and release trapped emotions that interfere with your body's ability to heal itself. I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose conditions nor am I able to guarantee the outcomes of the sessions.