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Self paced online courses:

If you're constantly feeling overwhelmed and behind in life then this course is for you!

Learn to recognise the conversations you have with yourself and which affirm your negative views about yourself. Find out what you can do instead, in order to be more confident, more reassured and more empowered to be you.
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If your negative self talk is so active that you find yourself not doing, not daring, then this course is for you!

This course helps you recognise your own liar and the ways in which it is holding you back. The course teaches you new ways to approach your daily challenges and internal conversations.
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Enhance your Confidence (FREE download)

This workbook is for you if you've been struggling with low self esteem, self worth or low confidence and prefer the 'do it yourself' approach.
This workbook offers you a new way of understanding what is holding you back from having the confidence you wish for. With a few easy to follow steps, you can change how you view yourself and get some new confidence into your life.

Simple steps to get you started on your own transformation!

About me

Hello and welcome!
My name is einav (ay-nav) and I'm super excited you are here!

Since becoming a certified coach for around 3 years now and the thing I truly cherish is the strong, true and honest connection I have with my clients.

This connection stems from them knowing they're in a safe space where they can be themselves and together we find their unique path into empowerment.

I truly appreciate you coming to this site checking it out. I know it must be scary if you've never worked with a coach before, and for this reason I've created a whole lot of courses you can take, before you make up your mind when and how you want to work together.

Once you decide to work together, the sessions are all about you; in a relaxed, safe, trusted environment we work through your challenges and slowly you build your own tool box of wisdom and guides to take with you into your future.

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About limiting beliefs and negative voice

There's a lot to be said about our belief systems and the way we talk to ourselves. So often we cap our abilities and possibilities, because we have an unconscious belief that we can't have, be or do better than what or where we're currently at.
These beliefs and conversations do a marvellous job at keeping us very small and very scared of creating the life we actually want to live. You might be reading this thinking 'life' is a big word, so how about chunking it down?
 - Having the financial freedom you dream of
- Having a job / career that meet your purpose / interest / joy - Having relationships that are nurturing, supportive and meaningful (and loving)
- Having 'me time' to look after yourself: gym, hobbies, & socially

We all have elements in our life we don't like or enjoy, or that frustrate us, but when we believe they define us, that we know we are dealing with a wonky belief system:
 * The promotion always goes to other people
* I'll never be able to earn more than £x.xx a month / a year
* S/he will never go out with someone like me
* I'll never have that (body, confidence, luck...)

To work with me you must be open to exploring what is holding you back. What are the stories you tell yourself and the problem you hold on to so tightly. More importantly, you must be open to finding out your unconscious 'stop' signs and do the work to smash them to pieces. Only reach out if you're fed up of mediocracy. If you recognise that if it could be true for someone, it can be true for you too. All it is is your belief systems that need to be fine tuned and become supportive of your true life vision.