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I feel both honoured and grateful to have been a part of these clients' journey of transformation.
Thank you!

In my position as the leader of a global customer insights and market research team in the animal health industry, it is critical to keep my direct reports engaged, confident and inspired to deliver their best for their teams and to the business.
When with one of them we noticed a loss of confidence, confusion and eroding motivation due to significant challenges at the workplace that they perceived to be outside of her control, based on the recommendation from the HR department, I reached out to Einav for help.

What followed over the course of the next 6 months was one of the most remarkable people management turnarounds that I have seen in the past 25 years working for multinational companies. Einav has systematically, carefully and inclusively unfolded all the layers of the issue to define the root causes, she built a very quick rapport with the employee and me and made sure that I am aware of all the important findings and revelations that have come up during their discussions.
She has helped the employee identify and overcome the key fears that have prevented them from taking strong positions and having a firm opinion, and inspired them to get out of their comfort zone much faster than I have ever imagined. Einav has also continuously provided me as the manager with actionable and useful tips on how to help the employee through this period in a way that amplifies the coaching impact.
As a result of the 6-months program, the employee has arrived at a completely different level of self-confidence and perception by stakeholders – they are now participating in a follow-up program with the objective to establish themselves as clear thought leader in their space. Quite a long journey within a short time span.

L.S - hiring manager

My coaching experience with einav came at an essential time in my life and career. My time working with her transformed my self-understanding and equipped me with the perspective I needed to recognize and break out of old patterns and assumptions. It wasn't always easy to investigate myself so thoroughly - but it was absolutely worth it.

Abigail W

I highly appreciated Einav’s approach to coaching; diving deep into the roots of issues and pointing at behavioural patterns that influence my perception and emotional responses.
Realising these triggers has been a very helpful tool for me in order to get on a path to amend my reactions and direct my personal growth. 

Miro P

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einav was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout my time in the group. She was empathetic, patient and insightful. I am so grateful for her coaching as einav has helped me overcome a number of barriers I had put in front of myself. I heartily recommend her

Debbie B (Group Coaching)

Einav worked with me at a time when I was looking for a new job. But more than just helping me land a job, she was able to work with me to find a job that was really right for me, rather than accepting the first offer. She challenged me to really think about my values and needs and through that helped me uncover my fears, limiting beliefs and taught me to stretch, whilst being kind to myself. She helped me see the power of vocabulary, especially in self talk, and helped me become more confident and reassured, and more ready to embrace new challenges.

I would highly recommend working with Einav if you want to learn how to really listen to yourself, and to try to tap into the power of your subconscious mind. The efficacy of a coach also depends on how well they understand you and your situation, and Einav is a great listener. The breadth of her own professional experience lends her an added credibility which was very important to me. Finally, I found Einav extremely compassionate and genuinely vested in my success which made opening up to her (and pushing myself) even more fulfilling and rewarding. Thanks Einav!

Jaya B

My coaching experience has transformed how I see myself and how I show up in my life - both at work and outside of work. I feel confident that this time has equipped me with valuable tools and perspective that I'll use in all of my interactions. What a gift!

Carly M

Einav has been helping me to identify the strengths I bring to myself, my relationships, and my work. It wasn't that she told me what those strengths are, but she helped me to see them in myself. Instead of comparing myself to others, I have learned to appreciate what others bring to a relationship/situation/work, how I can learn from and compliment them.

Jennifer S

"Since working with einav, my attitude about myself, my career, and the path I want to carve for myself have shifted in the most positive way. I find myself with much more courage to make the changes in my life that will benefit me, without letting my worries create the imagined barrier that has stopped me many times before. einav doesn’t make my decisions for me, but fosters an open environment that has helped me find the tools I need to deal with situations, using my self-awareness and strengths. She has helped me take a really important step forward in understanding what I want from my life and career, and mapping out how to get there."

Ellie B

"Recently I was experiencing a couple of challenging life situations with my teenage daughter battling depression and thinking of dropping out of uni, and my husband suddenly announcing he wanted to retire, all during Lockdown. I felt overwhelmed and powerless and unable to separate out all of the anxiety I was experiencing. I was fortunate to find Einav and hoped that she could be an objective witness (just to be “seen”  during all of that stress felt so helpful) and an effective coach to help me see the forest from the trees. She was all that and more! I felt an instant rapport with Einav as she exudes compassion and open mindedness and is an incredible listener.

She was so effective at allowing me to get everything off my chest, and then cutting through all the emotion to guide me towards what was really going on for me; it made everything seem less out of control. Her suggested takeaways gave me something to work on between sessions which I found very therapeutic.  The best way to describe my experience with Einav is that talking with her is like talking with a completely non-judgemental, wise old soul who only wants the best for me. . . having her on "my team” and gently guiding while I moved through this difficult chapter was such a comfort. I will definitely reach out to her again and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking coaching!"

Kathy S

 "Earlier this year, I found myself in a turbulent position, getting higher amounts of anxiety and unhappiness than usual. I realised that I had to do something about it, so I had several introduction sessions with different life coaches. Initially I was sceptical about whether Einav’s methods would help me, but I ultimately chose Einav as I liked the idea of taking a holistic approach and reprogramming your unconscious mind. A lot of the time, we talk about what has happened over the past week and then what I’m going to do to move forward.

I’ve had a lot of ‘light bulb moments’, where I realise something and my beliefs changed. Now a lot of the fear I used to feel has been replaced with happiness, and my life is moving in the right direction! Seeing Einav for coaching sessions has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’ve come a long way since our first conversation. Einav has helped me see things from another angle and get my life back on track, partly due to her friendly and compassionate approach. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!

Stephen P

 "Einav is great! Her calm demeanour and fantastic ability to listen and help you see things from a different angle, have helped me to become more focused about what I want to achieve in my life. She offers practical suggestions about strategies to use to help my thought processes or organise my life / business better, and to top it all off she’s just a great person to talk to - so approachable and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend her as, in my opinion, she genuinely wants to help me make my life better and achieve my dreams and goals in a way that fits in with me, my life, schedule and so on. You should book her!

Sharon B-Y

""Dear Einav, I just wanted to say the most Enormous thank you for your kindness and patience, for your compassion and understanding. Not to mention the great practical advice, encouragement and belief. You really are amazing and I felt a huge shift after speaking to you. Letting go of guilt and shame and moving into hope and excitement for new things to come. I feel so blessed and supported with your help. Thank you, words can not express my gratitude 🙏✨💕

Abby B

 "Einav is super awesome.. It was a happy accident i would say that i got in touch with einav.. She's understood our (relationship) problem very quickly like she herself was there with us.. She does analyse and works with us on a quicker solution which really helps us to start the recovery process from the pain... She listens very patiently what we are going through like a close friend and makes us comfortable and also asks many questions to understand the situation... It was actually a blessing to get in touch with her... She has helped me with my problem and we are actually watching the positive results.. She helps with all sorts of problems and has a unique style and takes things step by step.. You should definitely reach out to her if you're having any kind of bad situations in life.. Get her appointment now.. I will surely suggest anyone to meet Einav.. She is an excellent life coach😊.. 

Hari B

 "I made contact with Einav as I was feeling stuck in life and completely low on energy. I wanted to make some changes in my career but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to make anything happen and was going around in circles. Einav immediately made me feel at ease and I was able to build an excellent relationship with her that allowed me to be honest and get to the root of what I was experiencing. Her skills and the techniques she used were so profound and for me personally, these processes have been life changing! I have experienced a complete shift in perspective and in how I feel physically. I have increased energy, optimism and I am considering doing things with my life that before would feel too challenging or beyond my capabilities. Einav is an amazingly skilled and compassionate coach who I feel so grateful to have come across. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Leanne K

 "At first I was a little apprehensive about giving NLP a try and that too through Skype with a person who was of a different nationality ( cultural and societal differences). Earlier, I have had sessions with couple of psychologists, but didn't get much relief. With Einav, from the very first session I realised that her approach was completely different and a signed contract which ensured privacy made me more comfortable. NLP is a very scientific and practical way to approach problems in one's life and Einav with her pro-activeness can turn anybody's life around. I would suggest life coaching by Einav to anyone who needs help in life and wishes to get equipped with tools which empower to an incredible degree. Paying for the course is the closest one could get to buying happiness. Cheers!!


 "My family and friends feel that I have changed positively. All the people I have met notice it. All the Job Interviews I had given after the Coaching have gone well . I can feel the positivity inside myself. My view has totally changed how I used to look at things. I am really grateful that I got a chance to get coached by Einav

Siddharth T

 "Einav has a gift to quickly recognise what is your major block in life and show it to you in the most efficient but loving way. If you already work as a coach, it is not an easy task for a professional coach to work with another coach. But because I have seen already hundreds time the power of coaching and how even one session can improve the quality of my life, I am more than happy to continue to work with Einav on achieving my business goals and inner peace.

Vladi M
Fellow coach

 "Einav’s friendly and helpful manner, her relevant exploration of the issues and very helpful suggestions. Her skill of listening without judging, and offering illuminating solutions. I felt fully supported through the process, and felt I could trust Einav completely and so it was easy to be open and honest -which was key to getting to the bottom of issues. I feel very grateful to have such a kind and compassionate coach who genuinely cares. This is a vital relationship for me in terms of making breakthroughs and moving forward.." 

Anna B

 "Einav is a great listener and whilst she listens, she gains insight into your soul. That's how I have felt during my coaching sessions . I first approached Einav as I felt at an impasse in my life, whilst going through a particularly challenging work situation.
Einav has helped untangle me back to my true core, back to the essence of who I truly am. I have enjoyed our coaching sessions that have helped me connect with myself, and from here I feel I can step confidently forward. Thank you Einav ! I look forward to working with you again.

Danielle R

 "When I first worked with Einav, my life was unraveling.  And over the last two years, she has helped me learn to accept myself, rediscover my inner strength and understand my self worth at a time of extreme, personal uncertainty that has included a relationship breakdown and ill-health.
  With Einav, my dark days haven't felt lonely - she really has been the guiding light in my life and I'll be forever grateful.  Thank you!

Angee F

 "Einav and I connected via LinkedIn when she approached me to introduce HR Professionals to values driven coaching and the benefit this can have both personally & professionally.
At a time in my life and career when I found myself at a crossroads, Einav’s message was timely – and as I was at a place of soul searching myself, I was intrigued - so we connected over a zoom chat and have since had several really productive sessions.
Einav has not only helped me drill down to my true soul needs, but also to discover why my core values were not being met in life and career.
As we evolve we often forget our values can change too – thus becoming stuck. Einav has helped me regain the clarity and confidence that was lacking, as well as helping me identify insights into areas of my life where I felt I lacking fulfilment and self-belief & why.
My coaching with Einav has enabled me to tackle lifelong self-limiting beliefs and flush out why I was using certain coping styles and approaches. While on this journey, I’ve learned to look inwardly for the answers rather than externally, and since our coaching relationship began, I have over the last few months started looking at life through a new ‘healthy’ lens.
I now feel equipped with a toolkit to approach challenges and situations as they come up. Einav has a relaxed, but direct approach - and really takes the time to get to know you personally and how you tick.
I am now on a new journey thanks to Einav, and a potential career change too – one that I would not have probably considered without her support.
I would highly recommend Untangled Coaching for anyone. Whether you are looking for a temperature check on where you are in life – feel something is a miss and want to bounce a few ideas around in a safe environment, or whether you find yourself at a crossroads like myself and need to deep dive into why.
Einav will help you identify the insight to then identify, and start living by your core values, and ultimately begin operating from your core strengths.

Kelly L

 "A fresh approach by a wonderful coach! Got me thinking outside the box!!

Lizzy W

 "***** (5 stars)

Abhishek S

 "The best coach ever!!!

Natalie Z