It's OK to reinvent yourself (even if it's a little scary)

Why staying loyal to past decisions might be costing you your life

Remember KODAK?

Many of us (of a certain age) remember Kodak as being the go to in anything picture related. We trusted it, used it, loved it and then promptly forgot all about it when it no longer gave us what we needed: digital solutions!

Now, you may not know that Kodak was the first to invent the digital camera (!!) but its failure was in keeping it away from its users for fear of rejection...

How does this relate to you, you might be asking? Well, it's the same with each and every one of us wanting to get more out of life and allowing fear to dictate whether we do or we don't.

It may have taken you YEARS to get to where you are in your career. You have a good salary and some pretty good perks that come with your position. If this makes you happy, move along. But if you're still dreaming of a life that get you jumping out of bed in excitement, then this is what you must realise:

You were not put on this earth to compromise! Fear is just another step to test how serious you are about connecting with your purpose.

If you're sitting home right now, worrying how to make ends meet and what will become of your job due to COVID, then this is the right time for you to connect with your true calling. Your reason for being here.

What to do now?

  • Think back to a time in your life when you just KNEW <this> or <that> will be an important part of your life (maybe playing the guitar, teaching, building toy cars etc). This will make for a good indication for what you're passionate about. Now you need to think what this could look like today. Maybe it's teaching in a far away land, or becoming a car designer, or creating an app for people to learn how to play the guitar?
  • Put things in perspective. Even if you have an inclination of what you really want to do in life, chances are you need to put some things in place first: Maybe undertake a couple of courses ( to see if there's anything you should be thinking about before you set off? Or - who can you speak with to get an understanding of what <this> entails, what the market is like, how long before you can realistically make a living from this new direction?
  • Remember 'fear' we spoke about earlier? Fear is, by far, your worst enemy. It will ALWAYS tell you you can't do something and then back it up with examples from when you were 5. But it will do it so well, you will believe it and then promptly do nothing to realising your dreams. So before you set off write down a few thoughts of encouragement to yourself. Tell yourself what to do when fear and doubt strike and how you will get yourself back on track.
  • Celebrate your steps and stay clear off self judging: Like most stuff in life, this is a journey. And like most journeys, there are elements of certainty, elements or unknown, of ups, downs and maybe even total mess. But trust that you are on the right path for you and celebrate every step you take!

Some people will never find it within themselves to make the change they so wish, but many people will. I truly hope you are one of the people who will and if you'd like a hand walking down this new route - then get in touch today.

As a coach I can help you find your purpose, put plans in place, help you eliminate fears and emotional blockages relating to success, money, or breaking free from current stress and limiting beliefs. I will also help you be accountable for the steps you decide to take, helping you ensure you get where you want to be!

Please remember - a 1,000 miles journey begins with a single step BUT also - the day you plant the seed is NOT the day you pick the fruit... Get started with a dream, back it up with a plan, create steps and add accountability dates.

You've got this!