6 sessions of 1:1 Confidence and Empowerment coaching

Identify the negative conversations that are keeping you stuck and embark on your own journey into empowerment

Coaching Approach Summary

The first step in any transformation journey is awareness. As you are here right now, I know you are aware of the need for a change, and that you are probably unsure of how to go about it yourself. Together, I will guide you on your transformation journey into empowerment. You will be able to recognise the negative conversation that is holding you back and find alternatives that come from your powers, not from fears. Welcome to the new you!

This coaching package is for you if:

  • You've tried to fix life by yourself, maybe with the help of another coach and didn't get the results you want
  • You can't remember the time you felt confident, not to mention empowered
  • You constantly over-worry, second guess and feel like you just can't be yourself anymore
  •  You know life must be more than what it is at the moment 
  • You're tired of compromising or settling for second bests
  •  You have great ideas you'd love to execute but don't know where to start 

Course Curriculum

In this online course, you’ll work through the following modules:

What is the inner critic?

Recognising the negative voice

What is the gift?

Finding a your actual truth

Understanding what it is we call the negative voice / inner critic. Where has it come from and what makes it stay? Learning to see how it's stopping you from achieving the life of greatness you were meant to have. How come there are so many things you want to do, but don't? Knowing we have a voice that stops us is the first step forward! The next steps will be revealed in the following modules 

Now we know about the negative voice, how can we separate its messages from everything else that is going on as part of our nonstop mental activities? We learn to listen, to observe, to sift through the noise and also recognise the different characteristics this voice take on! When you recognise the actual voice and its repeated lies, you're able to take its poison out. We learn how to do that!

The negative voice gets woken up depending on specific thoughts we bring into our attention. But what makes it wake up? In all of the negative conversations, we find the gift. The one thing we are able to take from the situation that will help us grow and move on in life. The gift is in the awareness we receive from the situation and what we choose to do with the new knowledge 

Now we put all of the learning together. We know what the negative voice is, how it shows up and how it's stoping you in your everyday life. Now it's time to learn how to live your fulfilled life while recognising the negative talk that is still there, minus its powers. You now able to put all the learnings together and create an empowered life you forgot you could have!

Einav Avni

einav is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach working with individuals and teams to create environments of authentic confidence and strength. She helps people identify their negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that are holding them back and preventing them from having the incredible lives they are meant to live!

einav is an Emotion & Body Codes practitioner and is working with people suffering from chronic pain, illness and unexplained medical conditions to heal and release their pain and symptoms. 

einav is ICF certified to level PCC, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis and is also an Evolutionary Coaching practitioner. einav is also a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner.

Course Pricing

  • 6 sessions of 1:1 Confidence and Empowerment coach
  • £1300

    Discover the limiting beliefs &negative self talk that are holding you back. Then find your inner wisdom to overturn all these!

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