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Getting unstuck and back on track - one step at a time

Course Summary

From the work I do with my clients, I know that the 5 'lessons' in this course are some of the top challenges people everywhere are facing each and every day.
There are 5 modules in this course:

- Understanding we all have a negative self talk that is holding us back from having the life that you want
- Being introduced to the voice that knows where you've been and how to get to where you want to
- Is procrastination your biggest problem right now? Find out what it's all about and what you can do, instead
- What make us compare ourselves to others so much? Why do we then find ourselves to be not good enough?
- If you're struggling with anxiety and stress, these are some ideas you'd want to ask yourself about
- What is it about our ego that gets us into so much trouble? What about our attachments to things, ideas, people and outcomes?

Watch these 5 videos to get inspiration back into your life. Whatever you are going through in your life right now, these words will resonate and inspire you to take action (of the kind that makes sense to you).

This course is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and maybe even uninspired
  •  You recognise that fear of failure or fear of rejection mean you don't put yourself out there
  • You're struggling with stress or anxiety
  • You're constantly feeling 'not good enough'
  •  You know life must be more than what it is at the moment 
  •  You're tired of compromising or settling for second bests
  •  You have great ideas you'd love to execute but don't know where to start You're tired of not achieving

Course Curriculum

In this online course, you’ll work through the following modules:

2 voices: one that knows, one that holds you back

Procrastination is not about being lazy

Comparing ourselves to others

What you need to know about your anxiety and stress

We go through life believing we know everything about us, and never stop to wonder how come we achieve some things and fail to even try others. In this module we learn to recognise the voice that guides us to do and operate from our strengths and powers, and another voice that blocks these attempts with words of fear and worries. When we learn to recognise the lies, we can start living the life we always knew was possible for us, but didn't know what was stopping us from achieving it!

People all over the world are telling themselves and anyone else that would listen that they are lazy. they will turn around and 'proudly' declare they are too lazy to work on their essays, deliverables, presentations, putting up shelves and any other work that needs doing, and has a deadline that is looming ever so soon. The truth is that 9 times out of 10, it's not laziness, just being asked to do something before we are fully onboard doing it. It's about fears: of failure, of rejection, or more probably, of success...

It's one thing looking at what others are doing and achieving, and a totally different thing to then go on and declare there is something wrong with us and that we are not as good as they are. In this module we learn why comparing doesn't work and why we have more strengths, talents and powers than we allow ourselves to recognise. We learn why going inwards and recognising our good points is the only thing to write home about, because we are always, always, in the right place at the right time, as long as we bring our authentic selves to the job at hand!

If you're struggling with anxiety, you probably already know everything you need to know about it: when it's about to come up, the signs, the process, the feelings, the fears, the way to slowly come out of it. In this module we explore what makes your anxiety a repeated guest at the table and what you can do instead to let it know it is no longer welcome. It's about understanding what got it started, what it is trying to protect you from and what are the 'rituals' that you automatically do, that when you pay new attention to, will change everything about the anxiety you used to know

The need to control: ego and attachments

In this module we explore our desires and our need to be in control of results and outcomes. Why is it that when we have an idea of what we want to achieve, this becomes the only possible way for that thing to become a success. In this module we learn about trusting we are in the right place at the right time and that when we show up without 'good' or 'bad' labels, that we allow for things to happen as they're meant to. There is a lot of power in learning to let go of ego and attachments, and we get the conversation going in this lesson

Einav Avni

einav is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach working with individuals and teams to create environments of authentic confidence and strength. She helps people identify their negative self talk and limiting beliefs that are holding them back and preventing them from having the incredible lives they are meant to live!

einav is ICF certified to level PCC, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis and is also Evolutionary Coaching practitioner. einav is also a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner.


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    Tune in to 5 modules of inspiration and growth. Learn why things may not be working out anymore and what to do instead!

  • The negative voice vs the unconscious mind
  • Procrastination does mean you're lazy
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • New ways to understanding stress and anxiety
  • Ego and attachments - let them go