What makes me procrastinate?

Are you fed up with your procrastination? This 40 minutes webinar will help you turn things around. Learn why you procrastinate and how to change it!

Webinar Summary

Are you struggling to get things done? Are you beating yourself up for procrastinating?
The one action you can take that will transform how you feel is simply to watch this webinar! You will be surprised and delighted to understand it's easier than you think!
In just 40 minutes, you will learn the actual tips that will help you turn it all around - from feeling fed up and frustrated to creating actual plans for action that will feel rewarding and aligned, and more importantly - DONE!

Join the webinar: where we cover: what is procrastination, the 4 procrastination types, the bigger picture and what you can do instead. Insightful, easy to follow and great tips you can implement right away!

Einav Avni

einav is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach working with individuals and teams to create environments of authentic confidence and strength. She helps people identify their negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that are holding them back and preventing them from having the incredible lives they are meant to live!

einav is an Emotion & Body Codes practitioner and is working with people suffering from chronic pain, illness and unexplained medical conditions to heal and release their pain and symptoms. 

einav is ICF certified to level PCC, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis and is also an Evolutionary Coaching practitioner. einav is also a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner.

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  • What makes me procrastinate?
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    You are not lazy! Let's explore the fears and get tips and tricks to do things differently - the empowered way!

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