Recognising your negative self talk

Your Inner Critic is a Liar

Course Summary

Have you ever noticed how every time you want to do something you haven't done before, a voice comes up in your mind telling you you shouldn't do it because you'll fail, or that you're not good enough or that your ideas suck, they've always sucked and in fact, this is what brought you to the exact place where you are right now in life?
Well, let me introduce you to your negative self-talk, and you might find solace knowing nearly all of us have it! This negative voice started as a cute little puppy that helped you make sense of life when you were too tiny to know any different. Now, all these years later, the voice is still trying to protect you, only it does so by telling you LIES about what will happen if you don't listen to it...

  This online course is for you if you're tired of this little voice running your life and stopping you from doing and achieving the life you know is yours! Register now - for a course you can complete in a day - for a lifetime of change!

Recognising your negative self-talk

This course is for you if: 

  • You put things on hold and never get back to them 
  • You never do anything new or exciting anymore. 
  • You're lodged in your comfort zone and have no idea how to get out 
  • You know life must be more than what it is at the moment
  • You're tired of compromising or settling for second bests 
  •  You're tired of not achieving

Recognising your negative self-talk

Course Curriculum

What is the inner-critic?

Recognising the negative voice

What is the gift?

Finding your truth





This is where we set the foundations and where everything starts! We start to understand the inner critic (negative voice), where it comes from, why it's so good at making you believe it is here to protect you, and that you need protection in the first place!

Now that we know what the negative voice is, we also start to recognise when we follow the lies and how we block ourselves by introducing fear, doubts and limitations. In this module, we also learn about choices and how to identify our inner truth!

This module is all about going deeper, beyond the fears and the habits. Here we learn how to understand the fear messages so that they give us invaluable insight and also  how to be more conscious about making decisions from a place of trust, flow and alignment

In this module, we put everything together and learn how to finetune your newly found abilities to dial down any fears that may come up in the future, and more importantly,
how to recognise if you are showing up from a place of fear or a place of knowing. There's no need to get back to allowing fear to take over your driving seat!

On completion of this course, you will:



Recognise the negative self-talk and the lies it tells you as it's trying to protect you and keep you in your comfort zone

Be able to identify the bigger reason for the lies and fears to come up as and when they do, and how to build on the new insights

Have better relationships with both your negative voice and your intuition, as you no longer operate from fears but from a place of trust, empowerment and alignment

einav avni

Einav Avni is passionate about sharing the message of natural healing with the world. She is an Energy Healer and Alignment Coach, working with people suffering from chronic pain, illness or unexplained medical conditions to heal or reduce their symptoms.
Einav combines the Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code modalities, together with ‘Old Pain 2Go’ and Coaching to achieve incredible results for her clients, most of whom have been suffering for too long and can’t believe the shifts and transformations they experience after working with her.  

Einav has an undeniable passion for helping people explore the emotional root cause behind their symptoms and is highlighting this by demonstrating what happens when people live out of fears, limitations and compromises, vs their transformation when living through harmony, alignment and trust.  

Einav is a writer x5, having co-authored a book titled ‘The Power Of Reinvention’ and 4 Ebook series titled ‘Invest in Your Team’s Confidence and Empowerment’.  

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