Steps to overcoming anxiety

You were not born with anxiety, but somehow it is still around today. Here we unearth the truth about habits & triggers that keep anxiety alive still

Course Summary

Just before you give in to thinking anxiety is here to stay, let me show you it doesn't have to be this way. You were not born with anxiety, it's just that at some point you allowed fears to overtake your truth. In this course I'm going to show you that you have a choice and you can kick anxiety out of your life. This course takes you back to the root cause of your anxiety, and might mention breathing in passing, but it's more about understanding how come you are still experiencing anxiety today when it is no longer serving you. Welcome to this safe place where you can explore emotions in a way you may have never before. 

Einav Avni

einav avni is an Emotion and Body Codes Energy Healer and an Empowerment Coach. She mainly works with people suffering from chronic pain, illness, or unexplained medical conditions to heal or reduce their symptoms. Einav also works with people on recognising the negative voice and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

In her coaching and healing, einav combines methods and techniques from the worlds of the Emotion and Body Codes, NLP, Evolutionary Coaching, Neuroscience and Buddhism, all allowing her to connect with her clients and audience on a deep level that can lead to complete healing profound transformations.

einav is a writer x5 (one co-authored book: 'The Power of Reinvention' and 4 ebook series titled ‘Invest in your Team’s Confidence and Empowerment).

On completion of this course, you will:


Understand how your anxiety started (mechanism) and the reasons why it stays, even when you would much rather it went away


Learn about habits,  patterns, language and also about emotional anchoring. This will help put distance between how you feel and how you understand what is going on


Be able to create a plan of action that is especially designed to help you overcome your anxiety. You will have a much clearer understanding of why, how, when and what your anxiety is doing and showing up, so creating a plan to change will be beneficial and get you started in more practical terms

This course is for you if:

  • You've been suffering with anxiety or panic attacks for a while now
  •  You've tried many things to overcome the anxiety already
  • You're open to understanding more about why the anxiety started in the first place and why it's still here
  •  You're open to trying new things
  • You want a life  where you are not worrying about doing things or going places
  •  You know that your anxiety is not permanent 

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

  • Overcoming anxiety
  • £37

    You were not born with anxiety, so how come it's in your life now? Tools and steps for overcoming anxiety and stress

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  • About anxiety, coping mechanism and reflections
  • Understanding why deep rooted habits feed your anxiety today
  • Recognising the lies that keep you worried / anxious / stressed
  • Overturning anxiety by letting go of language, triggers and attitudes
  • Putting it all together in a new and empowered plan of action